Introducing: Gather + Create


At the beginning of the summer, I sent out an email to my newsletter subscribers asking if they enjoy dabbling in other types of art/crafts mostly because I was curious and itching to try new things. At the same time, I had also started a Meetup group for crafters, and ended up having a blast at our first gathering learning about all different types of crafts! It made me nostalgic for my younger days, when I dabbled in any new crafty thing that caught my eye.

These days, teaching, and calligraphy use up most of my creative brain. In my down time, I peruse and pin DIY projects on Pinterest and rarely follow through on any of them. After the crafter meetup, it got me thinking…what if I could coordinate with local crafters and artists to teach workshops in the new gallery space? This way, I could learn new crafty things, support other creative women and at the same time, give myself a break from teaching calligraphy a couple weekends a month.

It was one of those light bulb moments like in cartoons; ding! I immediately hopped into planning mode, first things first - what do i call it? One night, literally as my head hit my pillow, it just came to me - Gather + Create!

This is the name I used for the Meetup group but why not expand on it and actually organize structured workshops just like I do with calligraphy?

So, here we are - more than half-way through the summer and I’m in the midst of coordinating some amazing workshops for the coming weeks and months. I haven't felt this level of excitement in a while...when I plan/teach my calligraphy workshops, most of the time I'm on my own throughout the entire process. With this new venture, I'm collaborating and communicating with fellow creatives; guiding them through the process, sharing their work and brainstorming ideas.

Community is something I've sought after most of my life, and whenever I couldn't find the right fit, I would create it. Whether it was organizing events for my church youth group in high school, fellowship in college; planning field trips as a summer day camp director, or planning food blogger fundraisers in NYC, I thrived in the behind-the-scenes admin stuff — putting the plans together to bring people together for a common purpose.

With Gather + Create, my hope is to inspire connection, community, courage, and creativity among women here in my local community.

If you're local, I invite you to join us as an attendee, instructor, or both! Check out the workshops we have so far - more to come soon!