It's Okay to Grow Slow

It's okay to grow slow. - Lara Casey

Lara shared these wise words a while back - it was like she was in my head, she spoke right into my heart - "God's plan does not look like the rest of the world's success. The world says do more, grow fast, be big, use these tricks, do it like those people, get ahead. But, Jesus didn't have Instagram or a megaphone. He had two feet and truth, and He sat around dinner tables and talked one-one-one with people."

Many times, there's just so much on my heart that I want to share but I just don't have the eloquence to do so in a manner that won't offend people. But maybe offending is good sometimes to connect with those that may be struggling with the same things.

As far as lettering goes, it's a daily struggle for me to do things the world's way vs. God's way - it's so easy to get caught up in what's popular and trending versus doing what my heart is passionate for. I stray and do things the world (or just Instagram's algorithm) deems successful because I don't want to be left behind and forgotten. But soon, I realize I'm unhappy and so off-track to what my heart's original purpose was that I have to start all over again. So let this serve as a reminder to myself (and anyone else that needs to hear it):

It's okay if your lettering is not fancy and full of flourishes. It's okay if you only use black ink in your lettering. It's okay if you're not a watercolorist. It's okay if you're not posting daily process videos. It's okay if your photo is not meticulously styled all the time. It's okay if you don't have an Etsy shop (yet or ever).

In Lara's words - "Maybe less is okay. Maybe a slower pace will help your roots stretch deep and wide. It's okay to grow slow.