Video | Valentine's Day Lettering on Macarons

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope it's filled with lots of love and sweet treats! 💕

I've never been a big fan of this "holiday" but in recent years it's inspired me to tap into my creative side as a baker/blogger and now, a calligrapher.

Lately, I've been obsessed with these cookie/cake artists on Instagram that specialize in painting on treats using edible paints and markers - they even inspired me to host a holiday cookie painting/lettering workshop over the holidays!

Too bad my macaron-making days are long over - these are courtesy of Trader Joe's. They're surprisingly tastier than some of the ones I've had from local bakeries. Much cheaper, too. 


So now that I've tried lettering on macarons, and fondant-covered sugar cookies, next on my bucket list is a cake. Any takers? ;)

Just for fun, here's a time-lapse video of the macaron painting/lettering process - over 10 minutes in real-time, condensed to about 40 seconds. Apologies for the weird lighting - I thought the sunlight would help show off the gold shimmer but it just ended up being overexposed in some parts. 

I used "faux calligraphy" on these macs as they were on the smaller side, and I didn't trust the cheap-o craft detailer brushes I had on hand to create a clean, elegant look. The edible pen has two tips - one is a bullet tip and the other is like a fine liner. Worked liked a charm!

Supplies used: 



Why, hello there. It really has been a while since I graced this blog with my presence, huh? ;)

I have every intention of blogging again - but, for now I wanted to share these fun phone lockscreens/wallpapers! I recently shared this quote by Jon Acuff on Instagram and someone mentioned wanting it on their wall. I figured I'd give you something better - wallpaper that you can carry everywhere. Hope you like them!

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Hustle and Grace

Grace can take you places hustling can’t.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

When the term, "hustle" started popping up everywhere a couple years ago, all I could do was roll my eyes. To me, the word has negative connotations - I mean, literally, the very meaning of the word includes "aggressive", "fraud", "coerce". So then why was it showing up on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags? I get that there is an alternative or “urban” definition that means to work hard to achieve your goals - your dream, job, etc. I just don’t get why we have to use that word. What, you mean that “hard-worker” or “work hard everyday” isn't as catchy as “hustle on”, or “everyday I'm hustlin’"? Ok, fine.

It wasn’t until recently that I was able to finally grasp the concept of the word “hustle” for myself. It was this quote that put it into new perspective: 

A piece I lettered this summer

A piece I lettered this summer

Hustle is about focus, not frenzy. It’s not doing more, it’s doing less, so you can focus on what matters most.
— Jon Acuff

Frenzy is exactly what I’d thought hustling was about - doing whatever it takes, working endless hours, etc to reach your end goal. When I would hear someone say that they’re hustling, I pictured them running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I wouldn’t admire that person, I’d feel sorry for them. Yes, goals require hard work, long hours, and sacrifice. I’m just in the camp of “work smarter, not harder” and now I’m trying to incorporate Jon Acuff’s definition of hustle -- “doing less, not more” to focus on what matters most.

This summer, my hustle was to learn modern calligraphy, or hand lettering for the sake of learning a new skill (as prompted by Acuff's #DOsummer2015 challenge). Three months later, I have 67 posts on my lettering-focused Instagram account and I got my act together to publish this site. 

However, it's with God's grace that I was able to put so much time and effort into this hand lettering hustle. It’s by His grace that I was able to spend a year in Taiwan to focus on the important things like my marriage, family, and faith. This experience has not only changed my perspective on the meaning of one word, but so much more.