Welcome to sweets by sillianah!

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know a little bit about me and the yummy treats I bake!

I'm Lillian, aka sillianah - if you are curious about where this moniker came from, please click here or on the "about" link above!

sweets by sillianah was created as a result of my love for baking - a love that began in my best friend's kitchen in the third grade when I didn't know better and grabbed a hot-from-the-oven cookie sheet with my bare hand! Although the sting of that burn stuck with me for days, it didn't stop me from returning to the kitchen... the sweet aromas of sugar cookies lured me back. It wasn't until later in my teen years that I discovered my knack and skill for baking - beginning with your typical cake and brownie mixes, and eventually to baking outside the box (pun intended)! ;) Then, did I also discover that I brought joy to my family and friends whenever I brought a sweet treat to a potluck or holiday gathering. Sweets were and are always meant to be shared!

I hope to document and share some of my baking adventures, and mis-adventures here on this blog so I hope you'll join me!