Cupcakes, Cupcakes and MORE Cupcakes!

After 7 hours of baking, 5 hours of whipping up frosting, sprinkling, and 45 minutes in crazy Saturday summer evening traffic, ~ 140 cupcakes made it to the First Baptist Church of Flushing!
The evening began a bit frenzied as we arrived - no one seemed to know where we were supposed to set up. It took a bit of teamwork, but a table was brought in so we could finish unloading the cupcakes from the car - and in from the heat!

A group of young ladies from the youth group were on hand to help me set up and display the cupcakes on my DIY cupcake stands (inspired by Martha Stewart!). They were so helpful and efficient and full of great ideas! It's hard to believe that just five years ago, a handful of them were my students in the Friday Night children's program at the church!

It was so nice to have the girls there to help and sell the cupcakes - and even eat some too! They were so sweet with their compliments - oohing and ahhing over the frostings and sprinkles, saying they wanted to try each flavor, and telling me straight up that the cupcakes "tastes so good!". It's so heart-warming coming from them. Such a sweet bunch of girls! I think their families were my best "customers"! =)

I ended up making six different cupcakes with seven different frostings! It sounds a little crazy, but really, I just wanted to feature the flavors listed on my sweets menu. The only frosting I didn't end up making was the green tea cream cheese - I ended up using some of the strawberry buttercream frosting on some of the green tea cupcakes because I had so much of it and also because I ran out of the passion fruit buttercream. I didn't get to try it, but I'm thinking green tea and strawberry go well together, no?

It was quite an experience standing behind the table and listening to people's comments as they walked by... it ranged from people asking if the cupcakes were "real" and "are they edible?" (yes, really), to "$2 for a cupcake?? What did you put in them?" Only to hear the same lady complaining later on why there weren't anymore tiramisu cupcakes now that she wanted to buy one. It's funny how people quickly forget that this was a fund-raising event for a good cause.

Then there were people that passed on the FREE pops because they "didn't need that much sugar", or maybe they just didn't want to give out their email, which is totally understandable. I'm not sure this sign-up sheet was the best idea since people weren't really sure what they were signing up for (even though it clearly says on the sheet), and also because a good handful of the email addresses were a tad illegible. (If you signed up on the sheet and don't receive an email by the end of today, then it's most likely, I wasn't able to read your handwriting... please enter your email address over on the right side of this website if you want to join the mailing list -->)

Overall, it was a great night - lovely music, delicious cupcakes, and a fun bunch of gals to hang out with - what more could you ask for? Oh, an awesome missions fund-raising event! Thank you to each and everyone who came to the concert - your support is greatly appreciated!

And finally, to the 8th Bridge girls - thank you again for your help, you guys are the best! I can't wait to hear about all of your experiences from your Missions Trip! Be safe and have fun!