Sweet Cupcakes for a Sweet Couple

One of my dearest friends got engaged this Memorial Day! I had known about the proposal for about a week because the groom-to-be (GTB) planned a surprise engagement dinner for his future bride after the proposal. It was a small intimate gathering of dear friends to celebrate a joyous occasion... and what better way to celebrate than with some yummy cupcakes!

The GTB had not-so-subtle-y asked my friend what kind of cupcakes she wanted to taste since she had seen my website... Tiramisu ended up being a front runner, and I suggested the chocolate with strawberry buttercream frosting since I had made it last weekend for my friend, Fish's recital (coming up in another post). The frosting seriously tastes like ice cream - especially after being chilled in the fridge! YUM!

There's actually a couple "issues" that go with this story... see that "mini-cake" in the center? That was a last minute creation because I ended up with only 10 of those chocolate cupcakes rather than a dozen. Why? I'm not really sure what happened, but the cake came out really soft and fluffy so that they were falling apart... and I had over-filled a few cups so the sides stuck to the pan so taking them out of the pan was not so fun. BUT I didn't know this was going to happen until after I had already poured and baked the leftover batter in my springform pan. silly sillianah! At least it was a good save, right? You can't really see it in the above photo, but I was able to pipe the couple's initials on top and decorate the cute mini-cake like a real cake. =)

The other "issue" was how was I going to transport 20-something cupcakes into Midtown Manhattan? I had some bakery boxes but no cupcake inserts to keep them from sliding around in the box. It seemed like a good time to invest in a cupcake carrier, so I ended using a $30 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card to get the Progressive Collapsible Cake & Cupcake Carrier. It's probably not the best carrier out there but I really wanted to utilize the gift card and the only other ones B3 had was the Wilton one which only held 12 regular sized cupcakes (24 mini ones). I actually have to thank my sweet hubby for going out to get it (the last one, too!!) for me while I finished up the cupcakes... and for carrying it (holding onto the bottom, not just the handle...heaven's no!) onto the LIRR and off to the restaurant. Thank goodness it was only 2 blocks from Penn Station!

I also tried something new (to me) with these batch of Tiramisu cupcakes... I think only one person noticed - I had "injected" some of the frosting into the cupcake before actually frosting them... for that extra yummy surprise inside! It seems to be the trend now, but I think I'll just save it for sweet occasions such as an engagement!

Congrats to the sweet couple, welcome to the club! ;)