Honey Strawberry Semifreddo

The summer is quickly winding down (wasn't it just June the last time I checked?), and I have one more big baking project before I take a break from the hot kitchen and venture north for some fresh lobsters and fresh air!

But I can't let the summer pass me by without making a frozen treat! At the beginning of the summer, my mom found a brand new ice cream maker in her basement - albeit, a no-name brand, but an ice cream maker nonetheless.  She gave it to me in hopes that I would put it to use... and it's been sitting in my kitchen for weeks now.  Learning to use new machines and gadgets intimidates me sometimes...it's probably just a matter of pressing a couple buttons but I'm a creature of habit and convenience.  So, instead of busting the machine out of its unopened box, I decided I would look for a recipe for semifreddo instead.

While channel surfing a couple weeks ago, I stopped on the Food Network (of course) and happened to catch Ann Burrell in the middle of making a lemon semifreddo.  I hadn't really heard of this word before but from her descriptions, it sounded like a soft, frozen treat like a frozen mousse or custard.  What made it more appealing was that it could be made without an ice cream maker! Score! So I made a mental note to make a semifreddo one day this summer.

Basically, a semifreddo entails whipping up some heavy cream and folding it into a sabayon/zabaglione-like mixture consisting of mostly egg yolks, and sugar that is whisked over a water bath.  The version I made heated up the sugar, honey and some water which is then gradually whisked into the egg yolk to cook (but not scramble) them.

Here's the recipe I found via foodgawker for a honey raspberry semifreddo - I picked this one out of the bunch because it used less egg yolks than some of the others.  Gotta watch that cholesterol.  Instead of raspberries, I chopped up some frozen strawberries because that's all I had.

Have some leftover heavy cream? Make semifreddo (or semifrio in Spanish)! Semifreddo... this may be my new favorite word.  It's simple to whip together - the hard part is waiting for it to set completely in the freezer before serving!  Buon Apetito!