National Dessert Day with Martha Stewart =)

At the beginning of the month, I was browsing and stumbled across the page to request tickets for the Martha Stewart Show - they had some last minute tickets available for October 14th.  I didn't know what the show would be about or even what channel it aired... but I said, why not?  ahh, the freedom of not working... 

So I requested the tix on a Friday, and they confirmed on Monday!  I didn't think it was so easy to get tix - so I thought, this is going to be a boring show... little did I know that it was going to be National Dessert Day and they planned a Dessert Show! How perfect is that for me?  It was definitely a special treat.  

The studio was pristine and brightly lit... oh how I would love a kitchen like that! Martha had three guests on the show presenting different sweet treats.  They made rugelach, a pistachio brown butter cake with concord grapes, concord grape ice cream, and a brown sugar custard in candied jack-be-little pumpkins.  It was a fun show partly due to the fact of the hilarious audience warm-up guy, Joey! Also, everyone went home with a small treat bag containing a rugelach and an almond cookie from one of the guests.  Yummy! 

we got great seats! front row center behind the "VIP" guests (don't worry, those cameras moved when the show started)

look at all those lights!

a tv screen where we could watch what was happening up close
Martha prepping to do a promo after the show
Taking questions after the show 

outside the Chelsea Studios
If you're interested, here's the episode: The Dessert Show - the show is on the Hallmark Channel now, which we do have so I was able to DVR the live show.  When I got home, I watched it and guess what? I got my 2 seconds of fame! =D