the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie...

Everyone has their own idea of the "perfect" or "best" chocolate chip cookie - it could be thick and chewy, or flat and crisp, or somewhere in the middle.  My idea of the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie is somewhere in the middle - a decent sized cookie - not huge like those sold in bakeries but not small like Chips Ahoy.  They are semi-flat, but not crisp.  They are definitely chewy and have an even dough to chip ratio.  My perfect cookie is not overloaded with chocolate chips.  Finally, there is a slight saltiness I enjoy which contrasts the sweetness of the chocolate and brown sugar.

So when I came across a recipe titled, the "Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie" and photos depicting my perfect cookie - it was a no-brainer that I had to try these cookies!  I had actually tried this recipe once before and my cookies baked up nothing like the photos I saw - mine baked up puffy with domes in the middle, not evenly round and flat like the photos I saw.  Of course, I didn't take any pictures of my "failed" cookies - sure they tasted great, but they didn't look pretty at all.  sigh...there goes that recipe, I thought to myself. 

However, this past weekend I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies as any normal human being usually does and gave this recipe another chance.  Plus, I had a huge bag of chocolate chips waiting to be used.  So I tried it again, this time adding some pecans - just because, and lo and behold, they baked up flat!  A tad too flat for my standards... but they were so much yummier than the first time!  

When the first batch came out flat, I decided to stick a tray of dough into the fridge to chill because I have read/heard that the secret to great cookies is to chill the dough (10-15 min) before baking.  Well, I did that and the next batch didn't look much different from the first.  I looked over the recipe again and wondered what I could've done wrong again... and realized - I had used unsalted butter... both times!  This recipe calls for salted butter - which I never have on hand b/c 99.999% of the time, baked goodies call for unsalted butter.  oops.  I think somehow the extra salt from the butter helps balance out the sugars in the dough...the sugars probably caused the cookies to spread out more.  Also, I have to confess - the baking powder I used was probably past its prime - it was at the bottom of the container.   

This cookie had such potential to be the perfect one!  Alas, I will have to get my hands on some salted butter; break out a fresh container of baking powder and try again.  I will get this right! By the way, did I mention how yummy they were? So chewy, and the perfect chip to dough ratio.  They tasted even better the next day...  thank goodness for family and friends to share them with! 

Please do let me know how yours comes out if you decide to try the recipe