Fan Favorite Friday ~ Nutella Scones

Welcome to the first edition of Fan Favorite Friday! Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.  Today's featured treat, Nutella Scones was picked by 60% of sweets by sillianah readers!  The lucky reader who got to sample the scones was Soraya C. - hope you enjoy!

[Numbers were assigned to each person in the order their vote was received and entered into the Random Integer Generator.]

Now onto the scones! Click here for the recipe.

A few notes about ingredients: the recipe called for hazlenuts but since I couldn't find them at my usual grocer (Trader Joe's), I decided to use what I already had in the pantry - pecans.  I'm sure walnuts or almonds would be just as tasty.  You can also tell by the above photo that I used a heaping 1/2 cup of Nutella since after reading other blogs, it sounded like it could use an extra dose of the tasty spread.  Also, I added an extra splash of heavy cream at the suggestion of other bloggers.

It was extremely tempting to just take the spoonfuls of Nutella and have a taste rather than spreading it over the dough...must. have. self-control.  Don't worry, nothing went to waste when I was done!

I busted out my pastry cutter to divide the dough into wedges.  This is a tool that I picked up at a restaurant supply store in Flushing for a couple bucks... using it always makes me feel like a professional pastry chef even though it probably isn't the most necessary tool in the kitchen.  The pastry cutter allows you to cut, scrape, and measure out dough (something I learned at an intensive baking class last Spring - the cutter is about 6 inches).

The dough looked good enough to eat right about now... I had to hurry and stick them in the oven - only to have the lovely aromas of chocolate and Nutella make me drool with anticipation!  It was a pain-staking 18 minutes and an extra 10 minutes to cool until I could taste the goodness of these scones.

I'm not usually a big scone fan because they tend to be on the dry side, but these scones were actually moist on the inside - plus, the extra drizzling of Nutella on top of the scones really gave it that wow factor!  I liked crunching into the pecans - it added another layer of yumminess to the scone...sooo good, I almost don't want to share! ;)  This recipe is definitely a keeper!