Fan Favorite Friday ~ Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

What is it about Oreos that make people's eyes light up? For me, they are one of my all-time favorite comfort junk foods... back in my school years, if I had a bad day, I'd seek out a bag of Oreos and savor them by dunking them in milk or just eating them straight out of the package.  My mom would always scold me for buying them not only because they were bad for me but also because I would only indulge in them for that one day and forget about the half-eaten package until weeks later when another bad day came along...

So when I came across this recipe over at The Tasty Kitchen, I immediately saved it.  Now that I've tried it... I have to say the name is a tad mis-leading.  Not the "Oreo" part, because they are covered in the cookie crumbs but the "Cheesecake" part.  Usually, when I think of cheesecake, I think creamy & rich.  These are not creamy nor rich.  I get a hint of the cream cheese flavor from the chewiness in the middle of the cookie, but I wouldn't go as far as including the word "cheesecake" in the name of the cookie.  I do like the crisp outside of the cookie - it's probably a bit extra crispy since I left them in for the full 15 minutes due to not knowing if they were done or not... it was kinda hard to tell because of the black Oreo crumbs.

I had such high expectations for this cookie because it was "Oreo Cheesecake"! When I visited the link again the other day, there were reviews that I had not seen when I first saved the recipe.  I kind of agree with some of the reviews that these are lacking something.  They don't taste bad, but they just don't wow me - it just seems like someone took a few yummy ingredients and threw them together to make a cookie... I even tried tweaking the recipe after reading the reviews to see if I could make it better by adding 4 oz. of cream cheese (instead of 3 oz.) as well as adding some Oreo crumbs into the dough.  I didn't use mini chocolate chips - just the normal sized ones... but I think the cookies could have tasted better without them.  The chocolate overwhelms the cookie and just negates the rest of the flavors that you're supposed to taste... like the Oreo. And the "cheesecake".  I actually was thinking about leaving the chips out, but at the last minute, I threw them in, thinking what harm could it do?  Now, I know...

It seems like a let down to end my Fan Favorite Fridays series on a not-so-delicious (for my tastebuds) note, but there will be more to share... just not the "fan favorite".  It also does not mean the end of giveaways... be sure to tune in from time to time to see if you can get your hands on a sweet treat!

As for these... I'm sure I'm just being an overcritical sweets "snob" and other sweets lovers out there will appreciate them... if you'd like them, Brian L. - they're yours!!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Source: adapted from The Tasty Kitchen

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