Share Our Strength ~ No Kid Hungry

As we embark on a New Year, many of us make resolutions or goals that we vow to keep but many times fail to do so within the first few weeks of the year.  I admit that I'm usually one of those people so I have not made New Year's resolutions for the last several years! Why should it take a new year to do something good or make changes in my life, right?  

Well, since it just happens to be a brand new year I decided I wanted to take action - especially after learning about the No Kid Hungry campaign started by the national organization, Share Our Strength, which focuses on providing resources and programs to hungry children in America.  Children hold a special place in my heart as I have spent more than 10 years of my professional life working with kids of all ages - from toddlers to high schoolers.  It's unfathomable to me that there are children in this country that are going days without a nutritious meal while I'm here baking up goodies that I sometimes have a hard time just giving away.  Granted,  sweets are not the most nutritious food for kids, but you get my point.  

So, as I begin a new journey in 2011, I'd like to invite you to join me in taking the No Kid Hungry pledge which basically starts with "signing" a commitment to help end childhood hunger by the year 2015.  It's not just about lending financial resources but making others aware and doing our part locally to support the movement.  Even something as small as blogging about the campaign or sharing the link on Facebook/Twitter can help the cause.  Please feel free to check out the respective websites to learn more about Share Our Strength and No Kid Hungry.  

I would also like to do my small part in donating financially to the cause and you can help if you'd like.  For all orders beginning January 3rd through March 3rd, I will donate 11% (for 2011) of the proceeds* to No Kid Hungry. In addition to that, I will "give away" a bunch of baked goods each week for the suggested donation of $10 which will ALL go towards No Kid Hungry.  The goodies can be anything that I bake for the week which can range from any extras that I have from an order to goodies that I've baked just from trying new recipes - therefore it can be a smorgasbord of sweets or just one flavor of cupcakes. Either way, I'll make sure it will be enough for you and a friend. ;)  

UPDATED 1/8/11 
How will it work? I will post the baked goods and quantity available on this blog page (stand-alone page created, 1.8.11) and Facebook each week on Wed. or Thurs. (I haven't decided yet) and those living locally (Nassau & Queens) who are interested can respond to the post.  Please be willing to make arrangements with me to pick up the treats at a location convenient to both of us.

Then, on March 3rd, I will make a one-time donation of all the proceeds to No Kid Hungry via this button:

I will post the receipt/confirmation email on the blog for proof that I did indeed submit the donations and didn't run away with your money! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your consideration in helping to end childhood hunger in our country.  May God bless you in 2011.

*during this time, no discounts will be given to maximize donation proceeds