Strawberry-Swirled Marshmallows

What is it about homemade marshmallows that make them so enticing?  I've seen so many varieties as of late - from vanilla, to raspberry and even matcha... and they all just look so darn fluffy! So, of course they had to go on my list and even moreso, when I saw Mowie of Mowielicious' swirled version over the holidays... he made it look like marshmallow heaven. Is your heart a-fluttering, yet? Ok, before you float on over to his site for the recipe, let me just explain a couple things...

Please forgive me for bombarding you with heart-shaped/pink sweetness weeks before Valentine's Day.  I've always had mixed feelings about this holiday, which I'll spare you from for the moment - but as a maker of sweets I feel like there are only so many days that I can take advantage of to share treats like these before it is officially "out of season".  Can't we all use a little extra love on these cold blustery winter days or any day, for that matter? Especially strawberry-swirled-marshmallow-y-goodness kind of love?

Speaking of the strawberry-swirl, the original recipe actually calls for raspberry, but I think you can substitute any type of berry... I just used whatever I had.  I recommend slicing the strawberries into bite-sized pieces so they cook down into the syrup - I may have forgotten to do that (since I used frozen) and used a potato masher to macerate the berries while they were cooking in the pan.  And next time, I think I'll stick to swirling rather than trying to create little hearts.  As you can see, that didn't work out so well.

The only other note I have to make about the recipe is that it does not indicate to use a stand mixer, so if you're lazy like me, you can carefully pour the hot mixture into your mixer bowl - just start low and then gradually switch to medium and whisk until fluffy.  You don't want to cool the mixture off too much or it will be too sticky to get out of the bowl.

I also added a teaspoon of almond extract because I was in an almond-y hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea to be adding liquid to a mixture I've never worked with before.  They were a tad sticky to cut (is that how they're supposed to be?) - hence, the toss in powdered sugar & cornstarch.  But oh my... strawberry. almond. marshmallow.  Even though they didn't come out as I had envisioned, they truly taste as fluffy and delicious as I had imagined - why anyone would ever go back to store-bought-jet-puffed marshmallows is beyond me!

They are waiting to be enjoyed in a big mug of hot cocoa right now, so rather than type out the recipe here, I'd like to direct you over to the beautiful Mowielicious blog - you'll never want to leave... but do come back and visit once in a while!

[Raspberry-Swirled Marshmallows Recipe]

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