Black Currant Macarons with Mixed Berry White Chocolate Ganache

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Before you click away and think to yourself, "Those are some ugly-colored macarons", please let me explain. I'm chuckling to myself as I type just thinking about what I did to get grey macarons - just how did it happen? Well, it all started with a trip to HomeGoods and finding a lovely box of teas in unique varieties such as orange blossom, citrus, lavender, black currant, jasmine and chai.   I thought to myself, now these would make some wonderful macaron flavors!  

When I got home, I began to conjure up grand ideas of incorporating lavender tea into the macaron shells and using some powdered food coloring to create a pretty lavender shade... can you picture it with me?  So, I contently plucked a bag of lavender tea out of the box and cut open the bag to add to the ground almonds and powdered sugar in the food processor.  Then I carefully mixed a dash of red coloring and blue coloring together hoping to make purple... but once I started the "macaronage", the color of the batter became this unappetizing shade of grey! I couldn't understand why until I looked at the box of teas and realized I had picked up the black currant tea and not the lavender!  They were both lavender on the outside - it's just the black currant was slightly darker. oops. hindsight, it probably wouldn't have made a difference because teas usually become dark when steeped in water. It probably wasn't such a great idea to experiment with flavor and colors all at once either. I guess I got a little too ambitious.  It was upsetting at first because I was really excited about trying out the basic macaron recipe and method from fellow Foodbuzz friend, Jill Colonna's Mad About Macarons; hoping for perfect macarons.  But once I saw the lovely feet of the shells rise in the oven; and tasted them sans filling, I forgot all about appearances! Jill's recipe is pretty perfect - I've tried a handful of other recipes and normally I don't care for the taste of the shells alone but the ratio of ground almonds to powdered sugar in her recipe compared to others really made a difference to me.  Plus, I could even taste my accidental black currant flavor.  Sure, it didn't look pleasing but it tasted absolutely amazing paired with some mixed berry white chocolate ganache... 

I will not publish the macaron recipe here as I encourage you to get your own copy of Mad About Macarons - it's very well worth the $10.  There are about 40 recipes, including some savory ones such as Thai Green Curry (can't wait to try that one!) as well as recipes to use up all the egg yolks you accumulate from making macarons.  Jill's "macaronage" method is also rather different and even unconventional compared to others, which is probably the secret to her success! I will definitely report back again after making another batch using this method.  

As for the ganache, it is a recipe from Tartlette's macaron tutorial - I  called mine "mixed berry" because I didn't have enough raspberry jam that the recipe called for so I added in some blackberry jam.

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