Fun Photo Friday ~ Wedding Cakes

Welcome to another Fun Photo Friday - weddings have been on my brain lately... with my second wedding anniversary coming up at the end of the month, I tend to get a tad nostalgic and sentimental. Also, next weekend, I'll be celebrating a dear childhood friend's wedding - we'll be kicking off celebrations this weekend by showering the bride-to-be with the gals... lots more wedding fun to come in the coming weeks. Let this be fair warning to those who do not share my same fondness for all-things-wedding!

Here are just a handful of the beautiful cakes from the many many weddings I've attended over the past few years... enjoy!
Friends' wedding, Fall 2010

Friend's wedding, Fall 2010

Friend's wedding, Fall 2009

My brother's wedding, Summer 2009

A croquembouche (traditional French wedding cake) - my friend's pastry chef sis-in-law made for my bridal shower, Winter 2009

Sillianah's wedding, Spring 2009 =)

Sigh... I loved our wedding cake (not biased or anything, heh.) - looking at it just reminds me of Spring, and new beginnings...have a lovely weekend, friends...Spring is near!