National Bake Sale for Japan ~ April 2, 2011

By now, you've probably heard about the National Bake Sale for Japan, spearheaded by Samin Nosrat of Ciao Samin.  It first started out just on the West Coast, but thanks to amazing volunteers and sponsors, bake sales have been popping up all over the country in just a few days!  

It all started last Wednesday night, when I started seeing tweets pop up about a bake sale going on - I knew there was an online sale, but I was really interested in the in-person sale... so, I emailed Samin just to find out if anyone had started anything for NYC and the next thing I know, she sends me all of the info to start organizing the sale!  Umm...what?!  My pulse started racing, and that night, I couldn't sleep.  It's one thing to plan bridal showers and weddings for my friends, but a city-wide bake sale?  

The next morning, I frantically sent out tweets to a bunch of NYC-based Foodbuzz friends and thankfully, the response was overwhelming! So, if you noticed things being a little quiet (besides the fact that my posts have been "silent") around here at sweets by sillianah, now you know that it's because I have found myself busy coordinating the NYC Bake Sale for Japan with fellow Foodbuzzers, Celia, of Cookbook Archaeology and Sarah, of Fritos & Foie Gras.  
Currently, we have close to 50 volunteers - and some of them are these amazing food bloggers...thank you all for donating your talent, time and efforts to help put this event together, for a worthy cause.  

Annie W. - Frites & Fries
Carol -  Milk and Mode
Rachel - Eaternal Bliss

We are also getting donations from local bakeries, and can I just say that I am super-stoked that Brooklyn's BAKED is one of them? Yes, Baked, of the famous cookbooks that we all own and bake from?  I think I may just have to buy all of their goods myself...