A Sweet Day for Japan ~ Bake Sale Photos

I know ya'll have been anxiously waiting for a write-up on the Bake Sale for Japan in NYC.  I don't have many words to say besides it was incredible! I'm still in awe over how many bakeries, bloggers, volunteers all contributed to this day.  The weather couldn't be more perfect for a bake sale - considering we were having icy rain just the day before!

My co-coordinator, Celia from Cookbook Archaeology sums it up pretty well in her post.  All of the planning came together wonderfully in the end and we could not have asked for better results - the NYC Bake Sale raised $4644 for Peace Winds America/Japan and the national total is now at $120,254.38 $124,120.38 and counting! [Updated 6/13 - Grand total:  $140,121.88]

Seeing the smiles on the volunteers' faces and constant stream of people stopping by to pick up something sweet to help Japan was truly a blessing! It was a pleasure meeting and working with you all!

Melissa, of Second Floor Walkup, and Fumiko chatting it up with eager customers
Samin's mentor, Christopher Lee and friend from Il Buco, dropping off delicious Italian cakes
Volunteers, Sally & Jeff trying to make room for more goodies!
The last shift of the day - did a great job selling out all of the treats! 
My stash from the sale - everything was so yummy... don't worry, I didn't eat it all myself... =P

More photos: 
All of my photos (taken by the hubs) on Picasa

Celia's photos on Flickr

My friend Alvim's photos