NYC Happenings + Food Blogger Bake Sale

Spring has finally sprung in New York, which means more opportunities to venture out to NYC! My hubs and I were able to take advantage of the lovely weather this past weekend and check out a couple of street fairs and some of the good food the city has to offer.

I love me a good street fair, so I was excited to check out Hester Street Fair's opening day - especially since I found out one of the food vendors included Taiwanese shaved ice.  This is not your typical snow cone - Taiwanese shaved ice requires a special machine which shaves a round block of ice down to fine, soft flakes that is then topped with fresh fruit, traditional Taiwanese goodies like grass jelly or sweetened adzuki beans, and drizzled with a sugar syrup and condensed milk! Traditional shaved ices back in the day did not include a scoop of ice cream, but it's become quite the staple now so I was quite the happy camper to get a scoop of green tea ice cream on mine! The Shaved Ice Shop also has non-traditional toppings such as granola, frosted flakes and fruity pebbles - which I didn't want to try but ended up with some granola anyways since they flubbed on my order and gave me granola instead of grass jelly.  It was all good since they gave me an extra topping to try for free...I must say, the granola is a pretty great idea - love the crunch!

The other stall I knew we had to hit was Luke's Lobster for their lobster rolls - ever since my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine last summer, I have been craving for good lobster.  Last month, I was able to try Red Hook Lobster Pound's roll at the Brooklyn Flea - who knew there were, not one but TWO amazing lobster roll shops in NYC?  All fresh from Maine!

They ran out of crab rolls when I got there so we also got a shrimp roll to try - next time, just stick with the lobster! For $15, they gave a generous portion of lobster so that I always had a delicious bite of lobster with the soft roll.  mmm mmm good... 

We also tried La Sonrisa's pulled-pork and classic beef empanadas, and Cuban corn... all so SO good... I could have had another corn but we had to save room in our tummies for the rest of the day.  There were still lots of eats and sights to partake in...

Before we hit the next fair, we made a pit stop at the Doughnut Plant. which just happened to be down the block from the Hester Street Fair.  I've heard a lot about this place but being that I don't really like donuts, I never really had a desire to go.  But the hubs is a donut fanatic, so we had to check it out - especially since it was so close by.

We were met with a line going out the door but it's quite a tiny shop so it didn't take too long to get inside and see what they had to offer.  I probably should've done my research before going because I had no clue what their signature flavors were so when I they told me they ran out of their fresh strawberry yeast donut, I was stumped at what to try. They had vanilla glaze, creme brulee, tres leches, plus some other "normal" flavors but in the end I chose a peanut butter glazed and jelly donut.  And the hubs got the "blackout".  I was not impressed with either.  The PB glaze was good but the jelly inside left me quite disappointed... definitely could've used more jelly.  The "blackout" was a chocolate cake donut dipped in chocolate and filled with a chocolate fudgey-ganache-like filling.  It was really soft and crumbly, but with all that chocolate you'd think there would be some powerful chocolatey flavor - I really wanted to like it but maybe it's just me.  It did not "wow" me with chocolate or anything really.  The hubs, on the other hand was satisfied.

The other event going on downtown last weekend was the Festival of Ideas.  We were more interested in the food being offered at the StreetFest so we hunted down the Sweetery truck for a Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich, and the Milk Truck for their grilled cheese sandwich.  In between all of the feasting, we captured some interesting only-in-NYC sights so I will leave you with this collage.  

Finally, an important Spring NYC event happening this Saturday, 5/14 is the 2nd Annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale to benefit Share Our Strength.  Bake Sales will be taking place at locations all over the country and I will be participating in the NYC event.  Here's the info if you'd like to participate or come support by picking up some baked goodies from your favorite NYC food bloggers! 

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2011
Time: 10am-3pm
Place: NYC - Kiehl's flagship store - 109 Third Ave, corner of 13th and 3rd
Contact: Maggy Keet -  maggy [at] threemanycooks [dot] com if you'd like to volunteer or donate baked goods.

All proceeds to benefit Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign

Hope to see some of you there!