Grilled Peaches with Honey Greek Yogurt & Almonds

The "dilemma" I have with all of the fresh fruit available during the summer is that I usually gobble them up before I get a chance to make or bake something out of them.  To be honest, I don't like cooked fruit all that much - especially in pies or crumbles, where the fruit become a tad mushy.  If you put a piece of peach pie and a plate of fresh, sliced peaches with cream in front of me... I'll choose the fresh, sliced peaches.  

However, recently, I found myself strangely craving pie.  I had picked up a box of peaches with the intention of making pie, but couldn't stand baking in the heat so I thought grilling would be a good compromise.  These peaches were grilled on my stove top in a grill pan but of course, you can throw them on the barbecue.  The heat from the grill gently caramelizes the flesh of the peach, but doesn't fully cook it through so that you still get that crunchy bite - which I prefer in my stone fruits.  

This dessert (or breakfast) is so simple that it seems kind of silly to include a recipe - just grab some peaches - cut them in half, throw away the pit and place them on the grill for a few minutes.  Take some honey-flavored Greek yogurt (or plain and add lots of honey), add a squeeze of lemon juice and more honey to taste.  Do the same to a handful of toasted sliced almonds - add as much lemon juice and honey as you desire.  I couldn't get enough of this combination! 

Spoon the yogurt mixture over the grilled peaches, and top it all off with a heaping spoonful of the honey almonds.  Enjoy!