{Notably NOLA} Pt. 3 ~ The Sweet

Cafe Du Monde 1039 Decatur St.
We saved the best for last - the sweets of New Orleans! Let's get right into it, shall we?

You can't go to the French Quarter and not stop at Cafe Du Monde for a cup of ice cold cafe au lait and a plate of their signature beignets... ya just can't! Their classic fried dough smothered in powdered sugar paired with their chicory blend coffee - I'm not usually a coffee drinker, but I found myself polishing off the hubs' cup when all was said and done! It's just that good.

Can you believe I didn't get any pics of the beignets by themselves? Someone was a bit eager ... 
It was pretty crowded when we first got there... we had gotten a late start to the day so pretty much every table was occupied.  If you don't want to wait for a table, they do have a window where you can take your goodies to go... the Riverfront is just steps away, so you can't go wrong either way.  We opted to wait for a table to get cleaned off, which really didn't take long.  It was nice to take in the scene and watch each table receive their towers of beignets - can you believe the table of four next to us ordered 3 plates (w/ 3 each) and  left one whole plate untouched? Hubs and I were really tempted to reach over and grab it for ourselves, but that would've been tacky, huh? 

Pineapple-cilantro ice pop at Meltdown, 508 Dumaine St. 
Later that afternoon, we were strolling through the French Quarter after our lunch at Eat, and walked by a small shop that had a small inconspicuous sign in the window - "Homemade Ice Pops".  My hubs and I looked at each other - it wasn't on our itinerary, should we go? Oh what the heck - it's for the blog! ;)  And honestly, how could we not go in for some cool, sweet treats on a hot day?  We were quite happy we stepped into Meltdown.  There were quite a few unique flavors, which I forget at the moment but it seems they change day-to-day.  We asked the owner (we assumed she was the owner since she was the only one working in the shop and making up batches of pops) for her recommendation and she suggested the pineapple-cilantro.  Hubs got the Vietnamese coffee and we were good to go.

I ended up liking the Vietnamese coffee better than the pineapple-cilantro... I've never been a big pineapple fan.  Regardless, they were quite refreshing though we had to eat them quick since they were quickly melting in the New Orleans heat.  Meltdown, what an appropriate name! 

Sucre, 3025 Magazine St.
Our last sweet stop of the day, Sucre.  Many fellow bloggers recommended checking out this sweets shop in the Garden District.  I highly recommend driving if you rent a car - we decided to take the St. Charles streetcar for the beautiful scenery but there is still a ways to walk from the stop to the store.  We didn't realize it would be that far, but thankfully it wasn't unbearably hot yet in May.  

On our way to Sucre, there were beautiful homes... 
...and funky trees. 

Boy, were we relieved to finally arrive at this oasis of sweets... I think I was so mesmerized by all the gelato, macarons, cupcakes, and chocolates that I failed to take photos of the displays.  Bad blogger, sorry. It just means you'll have to go see for yourselves one day, if you haven't visited already!  

No worries, though... I remembered to take photos of our gelato and macarons.  We cooled down with a scoop of lemon curd and strawberry gelato to share - the girl at the counter was sweet and gave us that extra chocolate macaron on top because it had crumbled a tad in the box.  

I chose the pistachio macaron, and hubs being the chocolate lover, had to get the chocolate-covered chocolate macaron.  I was afraid of it being over-kill, but I must say - it was one of the best macarons I've had... it was surprisingly not too sweet probably due to the dark chocolate.  I foresee a macaron experiment in the future... ;) 

Well, there you have it.  Two packed days of mostly eating in New Orleans.  I wish we had a chance to eat more seafood (we went to the Acme Oyster House in the FQ, which I don't really recommend), but overall it was a lovely trip.  Thank you for letting me share my little adventure with you - I hope you all get a chance to visit the charming and vibrant city of New Orleans in the future!

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