Watermelon-Lime Ice Pops (with Blueberries)

Happy Summer Solstice! 

Here come the dog days of summer... where most of us would rather be laying out on the beach, or enjoying the free air conditioning at a local museum or library.  Or if you're like me, at Trader Joe's in the dairy or frozen food aisle.  We definitely do not want to be near a stove or oven and wish we could eat ice cream, ice pops or other frozen treats for every meal!

If you were in New York or any of the tri-state areas a couple weeks ago during the pre-summer heat wave, you were probably dying for ice pops like these.  I was inspired by Rachel's post and ran out to Ikea to pick up some ice pop molds for $1.50 (thanks for the heads up, Rach)! Apparently, I was late to the game because I could only find one set throughout the entire store - so you bet I quickly grabbed them and tossed them in my bag.  

The best thing about ice pops is that you can create your own concoction with the array of fruits that are in season.  If you don't have a blender, just use natural fruit juices - the possibilities are endless! 

Watermelon-Lime Ice Pops (with Blueberries)*


Yield: 6-8 ice pops (depending on size of molds)

4 cups seedless watermelon, cubed
1 tablespoon blue agave sweetener (or other sweetener, to taste - you may also choose to leave out if watermelon is super-sweet)
zest and juice of, half a lime (more, if desired)
handful of, blueberries (or other berries, diced fruit)


In a blender or food processor, blend watermelon, sweetener, and lime juice and zest.  Add more sweetener or lime to taste.

Carefully pour juice into ice pop molds or paper cups** half way, add 5-6 blueberries each.  Then fill to top with more juice. Freeze for 3 hours or overnight.

Tip: To unmold, run under lukewarm water for a few seconds.

*Since this recipe is quite simple and not really even necessary, printable version will not be provided.
**If using paper cups, stick in popsicle sticks 30 min into freezing