Butterbeer Ice Cream Float

This weekend marks the end of an era.  Thousands (millions?) of fans will flock to movie theaters to watch the much anticipated Harry Potter movie and I will be amongst them.  Although the movies could never compare to the books, I'm always excited to see the characters come to life.

I've seen quite a few Harry Potter-inspired sweet treats pop up in the blogosphere the last couple of days and decided to jump on the bandwagon in order to commemorate this last movie.  Some of the creative goodies out there include: butterbeer cupcakes, cauldron cakes, golden snitch cake pops, and chocolate frogs. I've always been curious about Butterbeer - the popular beverage served in the "Three Broomsticks", now replicated at Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As I have not been fortunate enough to try "real" Butterbeer like some of you have, I did some research and learned that most recipes included a butterscotch syrup or schnapps.  Some also used cream soda as the basis of creating the Butterbeer.  Whenever I think cream soda, I think ice cream float.  Butterbeer ice cream and A & W cream soda, topped with a gooey, melty homemade butterscotch syrup...yep, I think I'm ready for the movie now.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Will you be heading to the theater this weekend? If so, enjoy the show! ;)

Butterbeer Ice Cream Recipe
Homemade Butterscotch Recipe

PS - Apologies for the slightly grainy photos - I didn't realize my camera battery was dying til too late...