NYC Holiday Cookie Swap {Cookies for Kids Cancer}

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending yet another wonderful food blogger event to support a worthy cause.  The NYC Holiday Cookie Swap brought together cookie-lovers, bakers, bloggers, and generous hearts to not only swap scrumptious homemade cookies but also to raise funds for Cookies for Kids Cancer.   Thanks to Maggy, of Three Many Cooks and Bloggers Without Borders who organized and hosted the event along with pals, Jackie, Gail and Ken

Having been to Pie Party LIVE back in October, I knew this cookie gathering would be equally epic!  As the clock struck one o'clock at Hill Country, the droves of cookies (and their bakers) came marching in and filling the space with aromas of sugar, butter, chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint and every other imaginable cookie scent.  Each batch of cookies was carefully packaged and displayed ever so beautifully - it was truly a sight! There were cookies of all shapes and sizes - cookies shaped like stars, ornaments, snowflakes, candy canes, little men, and even piggies! 

The adorable piggy cookies from Hazel complimented our lunch quite well, as we dined on savory pork ribs, brisket and other comforting fixings such as corn pudding (my fave!), mashed sweet potatotes, mac & cheese and cucumber salad.  Hill Country provided the perfect place to gather with fellow cookie-lovin' friends.

Now you're probably wondering what I brought to the swap... this was actually my first cookie swap ever - and I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated knowing that baking extraordinaire's, Dorie Greenspan and Sarabeth Levine would be in attendance - not to mention all these food bloggers/bakers that know their stuff! As a volunteer, it was not mandatory that I bring cookies... but the thought of me attending a cookie swap and not baking for it just seemed...wrong. 

I couldn't make up my mind on what to bake (as usual), so my plan was to make a batch of green tea macarons w/ black sesame swiss meringue buttercream - but if I was not completely satisfied with the outcome, I would make alfajores.  In the end, I brought both to the swap but I was really happy with how the alfajores came out - they are a different recipe than the Chilean ones I've made before but slathered with the same dulce de leche in between the cookie layers (recipe to come).  

The cookie swap reminded me just what this season's about - not the holiday treats we get, but the kind and giving hearts of friends and strangers alike.  

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