Fun Photo Friday ~ Ice Cream, We Scream...

There are only a few more days left to National Ice Cream Month - what cool, creamy treat will you be enjoying?  Will you head out to your favorite ice cream shop this weekend or will you wait for the oh-so-familiar jingle of the ice cream truck to come through your neighborhood?

Of course, you could make your own... with so many resources on the web these days, ice cream can be made in so many different ways.  Even without an ice cream maker.  Make popsicles, an ice cream float, sorbet, or even an ice cream cake.

Here's a roundup of all the frozen treats from my past posts... hope you find something you like!

Honey Strawberry Semifreddo
Watermelon-Lime Ice Pops
Butterbeer Ice Cream Float
Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
Black Bottom Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake
Green Tea Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
Raspberries & Creme Ice Pops
Avocado Banana Ice Cream
Pineapple-Lime-Basil Popsicles
Peach Sorbet