Lil' Sweet Bites

In an effort to take a step toward non-food focused posts, I thought I'd try something a little different. You've probably seen something similar on other blogs as a "things I'm loving lately", "Friday faves", or weekly roundup type post. I would like to share "lil' sweet bites" that inspire and encourage me or simply put a smile on my face and make me happy. Things like new-to-me charities/non-profit organizations, fun/stylish products, worthy reads, music I'm currently jamming to, and quotes/verses that speak to me, and...once in a while I'll sneak in some food love. I have no affiliation with any of the products/authors/artists I mention, just want to share! So...welcome to the first edition of Lil' Sweet Bites!

Lil' Sweet Bites #1

1). I get so giddy when I discover Etsy shops that are so my style, or a style that I love but never knew existed. I could just buy up everything from the Happy Little Lovelies shop! Simple, cute, and whimsical pieces that would be great for everyday wear or for special occasions. Since I'm no fashionista, I usually try to look for sweet accessories to accent my usually drab outfits. 

2.) For a while now, I kept hearing about "chambray" shirts and had no idea why these denim-looking like tops were so trendy. I asked for fall fashion help on Facebook one day and received a plethora of information about chambray. Apparently it's different from denim as it's softer, almost linen-like. So, I had to check it out. The next day, I went to Old Navy and saw an entire section devoted to this fabric. I'm a bargain shopper and pride myself on never buying anything (apparel) full price so when I saw the red sticker on one lone shirt that was in my size, I knew it was meant to be. I am now the proud owner of a chambray shirt - slightly darker than the one pictured above and it was less than $15 plus I had $10 certificate. It's quite comfy with a pair of (black) leggings.

3.) The In-Between, by Jeff Goins is a book about "embracing the tension between now and the next big thing". I've only started reading the book but it had caught my interest because I have always felt like I've been waiting for something... something big, more, better, etc. This book talks about savoring the in-between - the times of waiting, the ordinary, the mundane, the everyday... there are lessons in these moments if we only slow down to see them. I'm looking forward to reading more... 

4.) It's funny that I would enjoy listening to The Alton Browncast because I usually don't like watching Alton Brown (was never a fan of his show, Good Eats) on TV. He's a little quirky. But listening to him talk is quite amusing - it makes work less dull and the day go seemingly faster. I learn new food facts, cooking tips, and hear him chat with some of his Food Network pals like Giada de Laurentis and Bobby Flay. Fun stuff!

5.) Koo Chung is an independent Christian artist that I discovered years ago when he opened for a Jeremy Camp concert in NYC. It's been a while since he came out with new music so I was excited to hear that he had a new album out called, Brick by BrickI happened to be on Twitter recently when he was doing a giveaway for a free download of the album... and I won! I've been listening to it at least once a day, the melodies and lyrics stick with me and are especially good for unwinding and meditating on at the end of the day.

This was a bit lengthier than anticipated, I'll try to keep it less wordy next time! ;)