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I'm Lillian, but my friends call me Lil. I'm a self-taught modern calligrapher based in New York.

My creative journey began four summers ago while living in Taiwan - I decided to take on brush calligraphy as a challenge to learn a new skill. Without any formal art training, I armed myself with a handful of brush pens and 15-second Instagram videos, practicing just 15-30 minutes every day.

Soon, this little self-challenge became so much more. The rhythmic and repetitive movements of the pen on paper soothed the soul. Calligraphy awakened a creativity in me that I didn't know I was capable of.

By lettering words of affirmation and positive messages, calligraphy can be so much more than just a skill or a pretty piece of art. My hope is to share the beautiful art form of modern calligraphy with those looking to discover their own creativity or simply those looking for a new way to slow down and decompress from the day.

Let’s explore calligraphy together - join me for a local workshop, book a private event, or download my brush calligraphy worksheets to learn at home!

When not immersed in all things lettering, I can be found wandering new places, pastry-hunting, cooking/baking, or enjoying a mug of hojicha oat latte with my husband at home.

Come hang out with me on Instagram or at a workshop - I'd love to chat all things calligraphy with you!