Partner | Fatty Sundays


It's no secret that I have a sweet-tooth. But what you may not know about me is that I have a love for all things sweet-and-salty. Chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkle of sea salt, salted caramel anything, kettle corn, and of course, chocolate-covered pretzels. 

So when I had the opportunity to partner with Fatty Sundays recently, I didn't hesitate at the chance. Fatty Sundays is a Brooklyn-based company creating gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels in over 15 different flavors. I got to try the Sprinkles, Birthday Cake, Salty Toffee, and Cookies & Cream flavors - my favorite was the Sprinkles. These festive confections made me feel like a kid again!

I love that you can also design your own pretzels to fit any special event by choosing the type of chocolate, sprinkles/toppings, and the packaging. The possibilities are endless! I can't wait to have an occasion to customize my own pretzels and perhaps add my own lettering to the labels.

Thanks to Fatty Sundays for the sweet treats! Be sure to check them out on Instagram and at